What are you waiting for? With us there is a long availability of motorcycles.

You can choose scooters and motorcycles of 125 cc and 200 cc.

Motorbike with automatic change 125cc.

We offer an efficient, fast and economic service, to satisfy all  your needs, and to optimize your reservation you can decide how long you want to rent your vehicle.

The only thing we need is:

• Certificate or Passport

• Motorcycle Driving Pass

• Major age

Payment and Discount

Rent with us for a week and you will get a discount of 10% your each day of rent!

Rent now! 

Rent with us for a whole month and you will get a discount of 15% per rental day!

Deposit for DAMAGES or LOSSES (Disbursed at the time of delivery, verifying that the vehicle does not show any damage )

Secure payments with SSL certification.

We accept all credit cards !!!