If you look for the brightest and most beautiful star of the region, that is Tayrona. This protected area is quite particular, because in its 15,000 hectares the highest coastal mountain in the world converge; white beaches, dry, humid and cloudy forests, mangroves, bushes, marine ecosystems and clear and pure waters. In this place ,the water borns from the mountains meets the sea, a paradise of nature just 20 minutes away with a bike of Moto Rent Santa Marta

His mysticism goes far beyond his natural beauty. The Park is the ancestral territory for the Kogui, Kankuamo, Arhuaco and Wiwa indigenous people and conserves sacred sites and lots of energy inside. In addition, there are archaeological remains of a city (Ciudad Perdida) and in the "Pueblito" dwell myths and legends of the ancient communities that inhabited the Sierra.

This park is the biggest tourist attraction of Santa Marta. Here visitors can relax on the beaches and enjoy the blue of the sea, carry out plans such as diving (to observe aquatic species) and hiking to observe wildlife, such as maiceros, sloths, jaguars, ocelots and four species of sea turtles. ; and flora, such as the ceiba, the trupillo and the aromo.

To get there, from Santa Marta you have to take the Carretera del Caribe (motorcycle there is nothing to pay) and in 20/30 minutes you reach the entrance to the park, Moto Rent Santa Marta will be your personal guide for all your motorcycle trips.