Culture, nature and thermal levels that go from the warm and dry climate to the perpetual snows, with temperatures of 30 to 0 ° C in the highest peaks of the mountain, united in a single place, declared by Unesco as a Reserve of the Biosphere, Man and Humanity, in the year 1979 ... .a great place to get around with the bikes of Moto Rent Santa Marta!

It is the cradle of the indigenous community of the Tayrona, in this place there are  nearly 70,000 indigenous of ethnic groups like Kogui, Arhuaco, Kankuamo and Wiwa (Arsarios). Among its fauna are 44 of the 340 endemic species of Colombia;

In this place you can reconnect with nature and experience a state of complete relaxation, from within you begin to feel the transformation of the context with trails that lead to waterfalls. The noise of animals such as cicadas, the movement of leaves of the trees and the screams of the monkeys that hide in the thick of the forest liven up the tours, until listening to the sound of the water hitting the  rocks (well-known is the waterfall Valencia) ... all that is super simple with Moto Rent Santa Marta.

Another incredible route to get with a scooter Moto Rent Santa Marta is Minca: this district of Santa Marta is located around a lush vegetation that allows you to observe the wonders of nature. It is an ideal place for bird watching, since in its surroundings there are about 300 species of migratory birds and residents. Another alternative  in Minca is to go to Pozo Azul, a river that is characterized by its crystalline waters, low temperatures, surrounded by  the unique flora of the region.