Ancient ruins are found in the powerful jungles of the Tayrona National Park, perfect place for a trip, better in the saddle of motorcycle.

You can do snorkeling next to spectacular reefs, and then stop for a coffee and try tasty multicultural foods, which mix Latin American, Caribbean and European flavors. At dusk, the nightlife is animated by the bars and nightclubs in the Parque de lo Novios.

Santa Marta is a town of 400,000 people on the Caribbean coast, next to Barranquilla and very close to Cartagena, a necessary stop for those who want to visit the nature of Tayrona Park and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Rent a motorcycle with Moto Rent and go to explore.

The most anti-Uruguayan city of Colombia and the second oldest city of the South America, Santa Marta is a characteristic destiny; the main attraction is the Tayrona Park, located about 40 km from the city, to be able to enjoy all the most attractive places in the area, we recommend renting a motorcycle, comfortable and useful for all laps .... In addition, the motorcycles do not pay for the motorway in Colombia.

 With only 10 minutes of motorcycle or scooter from the center of Santa Marta you can visit the small fishing village of Taganga, goal of backpapers and mountaineers, who choose Taganga for its relaxed atmosphere and bars on the beach with very cheap hostels. From Taganga you can also go by boat to visit incredible hidden beaches and incredible sea water mirrors.

Always close to Santa Marta there is Bahia Concha, hidden among the vegetation and the tranquility of the sea, this bay has crystal waters and is the ideal place to look at the thousands of species of fishes and corals that are found in the Caribbean Sea. With our motorcycle or scooter you can go everywhere.

It is clear that you also have to visit the historic center of Santa Marta, with its colonial downtown buildings and the modern palaces of the Marina ... .here you will find different bars, especially in the area of ​​El Calejon del Correo where you can enjoy yourself in the many small tables to taste specialties of the colombian cuisine, take a Club Colombia or simply listen to the musicians that every night are exhibited in this colorful and characteristic place.

El Rodadero is another town in Santa Marta where you can find many great beaches and hotels for tourists; Maybe it's the most touristy and commercial part of the area, also the "Colombian" one, with many sellers that will try to sell you anything ... I'm afraid not to make you tease!